Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Day Analyzer

"Do I spend too much time in office ?"

"Am I spending enough time with my family ?"

"Do I sleep enough / too much ?"

"How much TV am I watching ?"

"Do I waste lot of time doing nothing ?"

"Was I doing this for so long ?"

    If you often think about these questions and find them unanswered then this is a perfect application for you.

 Day Analyzer keeps track of various activities and analyzes the time spent on each of them per day. The main features of Day Analyzer are -

•    Track multiple activities simultaneously using the same interface
•    Ability to configure custom date range for analysis
•    Analyze average time spent per day on the selected activities for the date range using bar graphs
•    Analyze total time spent per day on the selected activities for each day in the date range using line graphs
•    Analyze upto 6 activites in single graph
•    Ability to track activities that start and end of different dates
•    Set Auto-Off duration to automatically end tracking of an activity
•    Flexibility to edit activity logs

To get started, add an activity and start tracking by setting Activity to ON. To stop tracking, set Activity to OFF. Next time you start the same activity, don't forget to set Activity to ON. If you forget to set an activity to ON/OFF, you can edit the activity logs.

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  1. post a screenshot of the analysis screen... would make more ppl install it :)


  2. awsm stuff...truly nice and usable..!!

  3. Check out the screenshots of analysis screen on "Interface look & feel" link in hot links..